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Entry #2

make more stuff newgrounds :D

2010-08-24 16:41:24 by bloodryne38

Couldn't think of anything for a 2nd post so I thought why not post something about the product range in the newgrounds store? Love the stuff they sell, they're not pricey but hey, I always like to complain.
It be great to see more of a sticker range since I love tagging them everywhere (tankmen pretty much cover my whole laptop xD) but some of the tank poor lil' tankmen have started to fade away which can only mean one thing when it comes to complaining... better quality stickers!!! :D
why not make a wider range of tank men stickers but in the same finish as you guys do with the NG logo and pico stickers :).
Hopefully other people will comment on this stating what else they'd like to see in the newgrounds store :)
On a better note, more stuff means we buy more :)


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